Anon requested a comic of the “gold incident.”

And then they figure out that Eren was laughing at Levi’s pain.

Levi finds a dragon!Eren on the street and takes him in. Eren begins gathering all of Levi’s spare change, and silverware/ other shiny stuff. Levi finds all of it under Eren’s bed. So Levi tries putting things on high shelves, but Eren stacks things up to get to it. Which ends up with a very worried/ angered Levi.

When they go out, Eren pickpockets people for change, steals jewelry, and gathers coins from off of the ground. He sometimes collects books with shiny covering. Most of them would probably come from Hanji. And Hanji is all for it, going so far as to paint Levi’s face gold as he sleeps. Then Levi wakes up to Eren’s small hands grabbing his face.

sanguinemsoul said: Will there be a SomF update this weekend? <3 Just curious.

I don’t know when it’s going to be uploaded, to tell you the truth, I have difficulty gathering enough energy to write smut. Maybe I’ll upload it this week or the next. I dunno. (lol this is mega late, sorry)

Anonymous said: do people can tell rivaille and levi apart? or just eren and his friends and family can?

I think the only reason everyone can tell them apart is because of their piercings. If they were to take those off, I think people would have a hard time telling them apart. Until they speak, ‘cuz you know…Mannerisms.

Go big or go home.

Doodles in-between personal work. Trying to work up the energy to start chapter six&#8230;

Doodles in-between personal work. Trying to work up the energy to start chapter six…

mitsucchi said: Do we expect SomF this weekend <333? Hnng~ I'm getting excited!♡

Yes. That’s what I’m planning anyways. My sister isn’t moving her ass though so it might come at midnight, or Sunday morning…afternoon. Evening? JFC I JUST KNOW THAT IT WONT TAKE ME UNTIL MONDAY TO UPLOAD IT!! (Translation: either today or tomorrow.)

Anonymous said: Later on in Sins Of My Father chapters, would Rivaille have a lot of tattoos hidden under his clothes?? B/c in your art I notice Rivaille having a little more tattoos peeking out than Levi. Will Eren have a tattoo kink? If he does...bless his soul (me too (。-_-。)) I literally can't stop thinking about your fic. I saw the post about Eren dancing like Chris Koo and I freaked!! YAAASSSSS!! Eren dancing all sexy like (in front of the twins hon hon hon) sorry. Guilty pleasures. I'm going now! Love yu

They both actually have a lot of tattoos under their clothes (going to need to draw them without clothes. I changed up their tatts a lot lol…) you’ll get to find out what they are and how long they extend in chapter five. The kinks will be revealed later.

Another comic because I’m bored.