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Sins of my Father has been updated. I didn’t make my Wednesday deadline, but at least I updated! :D??? Click this and it will take you there.

I got a couple of messages this morning asking me why I hadn’t updated yet when I already did. (Rest assured none of you made me mad. It takes a lot to piss me off.)

So hardcore.

Bodies are hard to draw man…

So I heard Levi is clumsy in romance…

You guys were right. Rivaille is a dork…
A lot of you guys asked for a comic series for these three. They’re fun to draw so I’m gonna do it.

spontaneoushuman said: also omg I noticed that you haven't updated Dance With Me since like November and I was wondering if you were planning to update again or

Homer Simpson hiding in the bushes

I’ve been busy lately trying to restore a book that I had previously erased, but I really wanted to draw something for this milestone.

Like holy fuck! I reached over one thousand. I never dreamed I would have trapped so many people who are interested in the things that I draw! It’s overwhelming!!!! Thank you thank you thank you! I seriously cannot express the happiness that I feel!

I appreciate every single one of you, even if I have a hard time expressing it… Once I finish up with this personal stuff I’ll do something a lot bigger for all of you precious lifeforms!

If you’re wondering where they’re from. They are from this fic.

Eren learned never to doodle in front of Rivaille.

The fic.

A highschool AU where Levi has a look-alike. When Eren moves to their school they make it their mission to get some Jeager booty.

A reincarnation AU where Eren is the only one who remembers the the Titan Era. So he appreciates all of the little things in life, and teenagers being teenagers, Eren is made fun of for his interests. He then attracts Levi’s attention and Eren teaches him how to see the best in life and yadda yadda. Living life to the fullest and appreciating the little things…  blah blah